Fard Engineers, Inc., is specialized in design of comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering systems for buildings and associated mechanical and electrical engineering consulting and design services. Our organization, which adopted client-oriented philosophy from the beginning, continues on this path and is committed to providing its engineering services with excellence in a climate where changes constantly take place in building technology and jurisdictional building regulations.


Fard Engineers, Inc. is the product of merger, which took place in 1993 between two consulting engineering firms of Chamberlain/Painter (founded in 1965) and Fard Group (founded in 1988).


Fard Engineers, Inc., has applied client-oriented project management to design and management of the project. For each project, a project manager is designated, and the team members, who will work with him on the project, are selected. The project manager will be point of contact and directly involved in all aspects of the project in the context of team work. At initial stage of the project, project manager and associated team will analyze and review client’s needs and requirements. Upon review and analysis, the team will establish design parameters and develop initial proposed systems for discussion with the client and other members of design team for the project for coordination and feedback. In the next step, the designated team, comprised of professional engineers, designers, engineering technical and sub-professional (CAD drafters) will continue working on the project to provide full design of working drawings and construction documents necessary for successful bidding and construction. During Construction: The design team and project and manager will be involved in reviewing project implementation. In the meantime the team will address possible questions or clarifications from the contractors in a manner that will facilitate smooth progress of the project. The project implementation overview will be performed to the extent required by the client.


Construction Industry, like many other industries, is consistently facing technological innovation, which impacts design methods and materials used in the field. Our design professionals continually keep abreast of the new emerging technologies and current trends in their professional field. Furthermore, State and Federal regulatory changes (especially in the State of California) demand that members of our design team are aware of these changes to ensure compliance with the new regulations. Many of these changes impact client decisions; and, therefore, it is imperative that clients are informed about these new requirements and their implication on client’s project.


In California and many other states, attention to energy conservation and use of alternative energy have become issues that more and more are playing a greater role in the design and implementation of projects. The client’s interest in utilizing these methods, and technology, whatever it may be (environmental causes, benefit from program incentive, use of solar and alternative for energy savings, marketability of building, or any other reason important to the client) necessitate that our professionals are kept abreast of these developments and inform and assist the clients in these subjects. Our professionals, with continued interest and education in these developing fields, can provide required services.


In consulting design engineering, quality of work is directly related to the know how and experience of the professionals who are working on the projects. Selection of professionals and design team, who are assigned to the project, is made with utmost care to ensure that the team has sufficient knowledge and experience in the past projects similar to the one in hand. In our field of work, experience plays a great role in quality; therefore, supervision and back check is an important part of the process. In most of our projects, our principal engineers and designers, who have at least 20 years of experience, are involved in the preliminary design and selection of systems. As testimony to our success, we can proudly claim that more than 95% of our workload is generated by repeat clients. Furthermore, we have a number of developers and even more general contractors who have selected us as their design professional for the simple reason that our professionals have hands on knowledge in finding the optimum solutions due to their extensive experience.